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I am ridiculously crap at Livejournal.

Since coming back to Uni I've been so busy not working; quizzes, dinners, soirees, clubbing and generally hanging around drinking tea with everyone. I really need to get organised cause I have a billion things due in from tomorrow through to december and I am panicking.

Friends Don't Let Friends... Sing Karaoke</lj-cut> <object width=Collapse )

Oh guys.

So come on, people who aren't the aforementioned, tell me your karaoke horror stories!

first week of uni, year two

I have had the busiest week! I've spent far too much, drank far too much and partied just enough!

Friday 21st September:
Waking up at practically dawn (well, seven) to catch a train to Cardiff with nomorefrostbite for our Stalking Timelords/Doctor Who Exhibition trip! Well, the exhibition turned out to be quite rubbish, with the whole thing basically contained in two rooms. There were replicas of creatures like the Daleks and the Ood, information
on each episode and a few other things but that was about it. So, boo to the Cardiff Exhibition. But the trip itself was really fun; Clarissa and I explored Cardiff, which alternates between icky industrialism and beautiful buildings. I was all cultured and had Dim Sum too, go me! We bought Martha and Ten Dolls at the exhibition;

Well... there was nothing else to do at the hotel!

Saturday 22nd September:
More exploring Cardiff and hoping the Doctor Who Crew were filming by the bay.
The people of Cardiff were so rude to us during our weekend there! We caught a taxi to the city centre and the driver was all "I didn't want to pick you up, you know." It's your job! And when Clarissa gave her booking details to the lady on the front desk at the hotel, the lady said "I'm not a machine." Pfft, chance would be a fine thing. So rude.

After I got back at about nine, Steven and I changed clothes and drank some alcohol before going to Keele to spent AN HOUR queuing for the Freshers Disco. The queue was monstrous and if Jim hadn't let us in halfway we would have been there forever. So we got in and ordered many drinks and drank them in one go as the bar was equally crowded. Mistake! We then proceeded to get very drunk very quickly! We met the F Block crew and owenme and danced for a bit, but the music was very rubbish, although they did play music from Spaced! Then F Block people left and I went back to Owen's. We forgot Steven! Ooops.

Sunday 23rd September:
Freshers Faire at the Students Union with owenme, nomorefrostbite, jmak_thevoiceof, alex_the_tory, tory_boy_d and robtovsky. (Whoa, there are a lot of Tories on LJ!) I was the allegedly filling the "hot women" quota on the Conservative Future stall. It was a lot of hanging around and chatting and I went and got free stuff from the LGBT. We signed up quite a few members! Well, I say me, I actually mean everyone else. I did sign up my ex-history-tutor Nick though! It was pretty fun, although got boring after four hours of it!

In the evening we went to see the Comedy Hypnotist, Tony Lee. I saw his show last year and my friend David was one of those hypnotised and the things they made him do! This year was no different; the guys on stage were meant to do a number of hilarious and mortally embarrassing things, such as simulate sex with a chair, simiulate sex in general, put their hands down their trousers, be given a pet pig and then see Tony Lee kill it.. the guys all look traumatised and who can blame them! The last thing they were made to do is give a lapdance to men in the audience. Owen's housemate Pete, who was sitting two seats down from me, was one of the guys who had to sit akwardly as a hypnotised guy in his boxers danced provocatively in front of him. Hilarious! I could barely breathe for laughing.

Monday 24th September:
In the evening my housemates and I went to the LGBT Social, grabbed some gays (and owenme ;p) and went to The Club for some Free Bar fun! Cue lots of mad dancing to cheesy music amidst an endless flow of free drinks. Perfeck! We met some freshers and old CLub friends, and Millionaire Tom and Darren got together and are seeing each other now. Awww!

Tuesday 25th September:
Steven and I had to get up at 10 in the morning for an English Introductory Lecture. It was hit and miss for a while when the room started spinning but we made it to our lecture! It was totally pointless and I spent the rest of the day feeling hungover!

Wednesday 26th September:
owenme, nomorefrostbite and I went to see Atonement with an international student Rasha, who Clarissa is mentoring. She seemed nice but she did ask the silliest questions, like "If someone sits infront of me, will I see their head?" in the sloped cinema. And when there was a short scene where a fly was pictured, she said "Can you hear a fly?". We have been mercilessly doing "Oh my gaaawwwd!" impressions since that day, we're quite mean! Atonement was good, arty but almost to the point that it dragged on a bit but it had a good twist and I enjoyed it.

A few hours later, Owen, Pete and I met Alex at The Sneyd Arms for the pub quiz. The questions were really hard and we did appallingly; four out of thirty! By the end we were just giving stupid answers, such as "What is the name of Billy Bunter's sister?" and Owen wrote "Munter Bunter". Hee! I guess you had to be there..

Afterwards, Owen and I went to the Union for Rewind (with music from the 80s, 90s and 00s). Much better music than the previous Saturday! We had a few drinks and talked to a few people. Then Owen went home and I hung out with Ben before staying at his for the night to save me going home.

Thursday 27th September:
COnservative Freshers Party, or for a funnier sounding name; The Tory Party Party! Steven, Helen and I got all dressed up and I wore heels for the first time in my life which was longer than five minutes!

I didn't fall over once, even whilst drinking gin. I'm so proud! It was different to hanging out with my F Block friends and LGBT friends.. for a start the Tories just won't dance! But it was fun. After an hour or so the moderate number of Tories were suddenly overtaken by HUNDRED of Medic Students who poured into the tiny Ikon Bar. We could barely move for people dressed in their pyjamas. I chatted a lot to altogetherfool who is a resolute non-partier but avid frowner in the face of loud music. Bless you, Mark!

After a bit we left and some of us went back to Joe, Alex and Duncan's where we had drinks and chatted for a few hours. tory_boy_d was rather drunk and gave Owen some shoes! There was also a disturbing green drink which looked like fairy liquid (those boys have a lot of alcohol) and there was a Eastender girl with a confusing name who seemed like she was trying to pull robtovsky! Strange. We stayed for a bit before catching a taxi back to Owen's.

Friday 28th September:
House Party at the Claire, Laura, Sarah and Cat Household! (Er, I think I'll refer to it as CCLS House from now on!) It was hilarious, although I think their house may be ruined! Sarah had the same idea as us for guests to place their hands in paint and put colourful handprints on the wall. A good idea, but not when the guests are drunk! Paint was smeared on walls and doors and also people's faces! Plus there was an alcohol fight and David had to spend the night in girls shorts after his trousers got soaked! rob01225 also came back to Stoke to say hi and we chatted, but he kept analysing me so we had to (jokingly) scream at eachother for a bit. Roxanne was very drunk, very quickly and we learnt something about her; When she laughs hystericaly, she lets out really long, loud snorts. I thought I was going to stop breathing yet again through laughter, as we staggered down the road back home laughing.

I also got my timetable and I only have six hours of contact time a week, which is pretty annoying since a) I'm paying £3,000 a year for six hours a week, b) bus travel is expensive and going to one lecture a day is going to seem like pointless spending and c) I'm lazy and unmotivated and I'm never going to do any work with so few hours of uni time.

So there we go. Perhaps not the most sophisticated, reserved or sober of weeks, but a brilliant one none the less! Now I think I'm going to get an early night of SLEEP!

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